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Clare Partridge, Editor

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New Content ItemClare obtained her undergraduate degree in biology and psychology at the University of Newcastle, UK before moving on to complete a MSc in psychology. She began her journey into scholarly publishing with BioMed Central as an Editorial Assistant in 2013. In August 2015, she became an Editor on the BMC series and continued to develop her interest in medical research and open access publishing. Clare is now a Senior Editor on the BMC series and is responsible for the BMC series twitter account (@BMC_series). She has a particular interest in editor communications and medical ethics, and is the Editor of BMC Obesity.

Section Editors

Adrian Cameron

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New Content ItemEpidemiology and ethnicity

Dr Adrian Cameron is a Senior Research Fellow from the Global Obesity Centre at Deakin University, Australia. His current work includes a series of multi-partner controlled trials focused on providing evidence to promote a healthy food environment in the supermarket setting. He has worked in the field of obesity prevention for more than 15 years with previous areas of enquiry including the metabolic consequences of obesity, the concept of the metabolic syndrome, infant feeding and activity, inequality and the measurement of obesity (the role of hip circumference in particular). He is highly cited in the field of obesity and obesity prevention and has received numerous awards, grants and fellowships for his work. He was previously an associate editor for BMC Public Health (2012-2015), and an editorial adviser to BMC Obesity (2013-2015) before joining BMC Obesity as Section Editor for the ‘Epidemiology and ethnicity’ section in April, 2015.

Anna Peeters

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New Content ItemPolicies, socioeconomic aspects, and health systems research

Professor Anna Peeters is Professor of Epidemiology and Equity in Public Health, co-Director of the Global Obesity Centre, a World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention, and Deputy Director of the Centre for Population Health Research at Deakin University, Australia. Anna is interested in bringing objectivity and equitability to strategies aimed at tackling the rapidly escalating rates of obesity in Australian communities.  Anna leads a team of public health researchers who aim to build the evidence base for public health policy regarding the prevention of obesity and related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. During the past decade her research, both in The Netherlands and Australia, has focused on obesity and the relationship between increasing weight and loss of life expectancy, links with disease and disability, and the implications for social inequalities in health. Anna is Past President of the Australia New Zealand Obesity Society (2011-14), a National Health and Medical Research Council Career Development Awardee and previous VicHealth Research Fellow. Anna has recently been awarded the prestigious IASO Andre Mayer Award for 2014. Anna joined BMC Obesity as Section Editor for the ‘Policies, socioeconomic aspects, and health systems research’ section in 2013.