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Table 1 Key foods and other relevant issues/factors contributing to obesity in 0 to 5 year old children

From: Listening to the experts: is there a place for food taxation in the fight against obesity in early childhood?

Number of votesa Identified key foods, issues and factors
Total: 66 votes Sweetened drinks
Soft drinks: 25 votes • Soft drinks (carbonated beverages)
Sweet drinks: 41 votes • Cordials
  • Other sugar-sweetened beverages
• High fat and sweetened flavoured milks
• Fruit juice, fruit drinks and vitamin waters
Total: 32 votes Portion-packed snacks and portion sizes
Portion-packed snacks: 16 • Tiny Teddies
votes • Individually wrapped packs
Portion sizes: 9 • Sweet and savoury snacks such as cake bars, chocolates and muffins
Chips: 7 votes • Packets of chips
26 Votes Increase consumption of fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grain cereals and milk, yoghurt and cheese
• Remove tax deduction on advertising and subsidizing freight or removing tax on freight of healthy foods
• Tax particular foods in order to subsidize fruit and vegetables
• Position fruit and vegetables as healthy alternatives through use of subsidies to increase equity of access
Total: 20 votes Fast foods
Fast food: 13 votes • Well known icons such as McDonald’s Hungry Jack’s, Red Rooster and Subway etc.
‘Red foods’: 7 votes • Drive through, up-sizing and 24 hour operation
• Serving size
• Advertising
• Energy fat, sugar and sodium content
• Provision of ‘meals’
15 votes Infant formula
• High protein infant formula products
• Follow on formula for toddlers
13 votes Processed meats and meat alternatives
• Chicken nuggets and sausages
• High fat and sodium content
  1. a12 experts had a total of 15 votes each to allocate. The total votes should add to 180, thus there are 8 votes that cannot be accounted for.