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Table 2 Community perceived discrimination and positive regard toward a female anorexia nervosa (AN) sufferer, male normal weight eating disorder sufferer (NWED) and female sufferer of comorbid obesity and binge eating disorder (BED)

From: Perceived discrimination and favourable regard toward underweight, normal weight and obese eating disorder sufferers: implications for obesity and eating disorder population health campaigns

  Female AN Vignette (total n = 983) % Male NWED (total n = 1033) % Female Obese/BED Vignette (Total n = 1030) %
Perceived Discrimination would occur against person in vignette    
Yes 48 35 66
No 45 60 28
Unsure 7 6 5
Positive regard: thought it would not be too bad to be like the person in vignette given weight loss (in AN vignette) or good muscle tone and exercise (in NWED vignette)    N/A
Never thought it 85 63
Rarely thought it 7 10
Occasionally thought it 7 20
Often or always thought it 1.8 7.5