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Table 1 Questionnaire questions used for reported variables

From: Canadian Pediatric Weight Management Registry (CANPWR): baseline descriptive statistics and comparison to Canadian norms

Item Question Response choices
Cultural background People living in Canada come from many different cultural and racial backgrounds. Is the child: White, Chinese, Black, Filipino, Latin American, Canadian Frist Nation, Southeast Asian, Arab, West Asian, Japanese Korean, Other
Country of Birth In what country was the child born? Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Guyana, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Jamaica, Netherlands/Holland, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Other
Household Income Please indicate which category best represents the total annual household income from all sources (CAN currency) Less than $49,000, $50,000-79,999, $80,000-99,999, $100,000 and above, not available
Education What is the highest level of education attended by this child’s female and male primary caregiver? No high school, Some high school, High School diploma, University/college, Post graduate, not available
Sleep – difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep How often does this child have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep? Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Most of the time, All of the time, Don’t Know
Sleep – difficulty to stay awake How often does this child find it difficult to stay awake during normal waking hours? Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Most of the time, All of the time, Don’t Know
Sleep – mean hours per day How many hours does this child usually spend sleeping in a 24 h period, excluding time spent resting? Reported in ‘x’ number of hours
Physical activity – 60 min daily Over a typical or usual week, on how many days is the child physically active for a total of at least 60 min per day? None, 1 day, 2 to 3 days, 4 days or more, Don’t know
Screen time On average, about how many hours a day does the child spend on total screen time? (T.V, Computer, Video games, smartphones, social media etc.) Doesn’t use a computer or play video games, <1 h/day, 1 to 2 h/day, 3 to 4 h/day, 5 to 6 h/day, 7 or more hours/day
Food Intake – Overarching question:
How often does your child usually eat the following foods (both meals and snacks, at home and away from home),
Food intake – Milk consumption Milk (3%, 2%, 1%, Skim, Flavoured, Rice, Soya) Never, less than once/month, 1 – 3/month, 1/week, 2–4/week, 5-6/week, 1/day, 2-3/day, 4-5/day, >6/day
Food intake – Dairy consumption Dairy (Cottage Cheese, Yogurt, Ice cream, frozen yogurt, hard cheese As above
Food intake – fruit and vegetable consumption Fruit, lettuce or green leafy salad, spinach, mustard greens or collards, Other types of vegetables As above
Food intake – sugared drink consumption Regular soft drinks, Sports Drinks, Energy drinks, Fruit juice, fruit flavoured drinks As above
Food intake – water consumption Beverages, water As above
  1. NOTE: For nutritional intake a typical serving size is provided, each item is separate and the total are added together