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Table 1 Topics of the interactive workshops and physical activities of the Obesity-Fertility group sessions program

From: The Obesity-Fertility Protocol: a randomized controlled trial assessing clinical outcomes and costs of a transferable interdisciplinary lifestyle intervention, before and during pregnancy, in obese infertile women

Sessions Interactive workshops Physical activities
1 Nutrition: Canada’s Food Guide Walking
2 Psychology: Couple Communication Aquafitness
3 Nutrition: Energy Density of Foods: Healthy Substitutions for Weight Loss Step Aerobics
4 Psychology: Stages of Behaviour Change and Motivation Strength Training at Home
5 Nutrition: Environmental Factors – Impact on Food Intake Interval Walking
6 Psychology: Sleep and Relaxation Yoga
7 Nutrition: Managing Hunger and Satiety Exercising While Watching TV
8 Psychology: Eating Disorders vs. Compulsive Overeating and Actions Strategies Aquafitness
9 Nutrition: Meal Planning Tips/ Alcohol and Smoking Walking in Combination with Cardio and Muscular Endurance Exercises
10 Psychology: Self-Esteem and Body Image Strength Training with Exercise Ball and Resistance Band
11 Nutrition: Understanding a Food Label Circuit Training
12 Psychology: Behaviour Self-Assessment Aerobic Dance Workout