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Table 1 Data, outcomes and process measures

From: Effectiveness of regular weighing, weight target setting and feedback by community midwives within routine antenatal care in preventing excessive gestational weight gain: randomised controlled trial

Recruitment measures  
 Eligible participants not consented
 Number declined at booking scan
 Number of participants randomised
  Usual care group Intervention group
Process measures   X
 Accuracy and completion rates of weight chart by midwives   X
 How frequently did midwives encourage women to weight themselves weekly   X
 Frequency of regular weighing by participants as recorded on weight record cards   X
 Weight X X
 Depression and anxiety (HADS) [55] X X
 Physical activity (Physical activity in pregnancy questionnaire [56] X X
 Diet quality (Southampton food frequency questionnaire) [57] X X
 Questions about diet and physical activity advice midwives have given during pregnancy X X
 Maternal and neonatal complications (obtained from electronic hospital records) X X