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Table 1 Focus group interview guide domains and example questions/probes

From: Military service and other socioecological factors influencing weight and health behavior change in overweight and obese Veterans: a qualitative study to inform intervention development within primary care at the United States Veterans Health Administration

Domain Sample questions
Perceived health risks of obesity Why do you think health providers (doctors, nurses) advise Veterans like yourselves to lose weight?
Causes of overweight; Barriers to achieving a healthy lifestyle Why do Veterans like yourselves tend to be overweight?
(Probes: stress, finances, reasons for poor choices)
Weight loss attempts Have you ever tried to lose weight? How?
Perceptions of obesity care within VHA primary care Who at the VHA has discussed your weight with you?
Who at the VHA should help overweight and obese patients to lose weight?
How can we better help people to lose weight at the VHA?
Experiences/perceptions of the MOVE! program Tell me about your experiences with the MOVE! program.
Experiences /perceptions of goal setting If we talk about goals, what comes to mind?
What kinds of plans or goals could you make that would help you lose weight?
Experiences/perceptions using technology to assist with healthy lifestyle management Describe how these devices [smart phones, laptop/desktop computers, tablets, self-monitoring devices] could help you to improve your health.