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Table 1 Primary questions for qualitative component of the focus group discussion

From: No sweat: African American adolescent girls’ opinions of hairstyle choices and physical activity

Main Topic Area Questions
Physical activity and hairstyles Icebreaker: What if any sports or physical activities do you enjoy?
Question 1: What gets in the way of you exercising?
Follow-up questions:
a) Do you ever get concerned about the way you look when you exercise? What concerns do you have?
b) What happens to your hair when you exercise?
c) Do concerns about the way your hair will look after you exercise ever keep you from exercising?
Preferred hairstyle choices Question 2: Please think about different hairstyles.
Are there any specific styles that you find more appealing/attractive? Can you describe them?
Follow-up questions:
a) Why do you like those features?
Current and previous hairstyle choices Question 3: Now please think about your current hairstyle and those you had when you were younger. For those of you who have a different hairstyle now than when you were younger (e.g. straightened, weaves, braids), at what age did you first change your hairstyle?
Follow-up questions:
a) What influenced that decision?
b) What does your hair say about you?/What do you want your hair to say about you?
Suggestions for ways to increase physical activity Question 4: Do you have any strategies for maintaining your hairstyle intact while you exercise?