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Table 2 Correlation of reported and measured height, weight and BMI in M-TEENS

From: Accuracy of BMI correction using multiple reports in children

  Measured vs. Reported Weight Measured vs. Reported Height Measured vs. Reported BMI
Parent report 0.93a 0.79a 0.87a
Child report 0.93a 0.82a 0.87a
 Parent report 0.92a 0.78a 0.85a
 Child report 0.93a 0.82a 0.86a
 Parent report 0.93a 0.82a 0.89a
 Child report 0.92a 0.85a 0.88a
  1. M-TEENS Military Teenagers’ Environment, Exercise and Nutrition Study, BMI body mass index; a Fisher’s Z-Test P <0.001