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Table 2 Inhibitory control and sensitivity to reward of the participants with complete data (n = 74) at baseline (T0) and after one year of treatment (T12) and their intra-class correlation

From: The association of self-regulation with weight loss maintenance after an intensive combined lifestyle intervention for children and adolescents with severe obesity

  T0 T12 P-value* Intra-class correlation
Inhibitory control
 SSRT (Stop Signal Task)a 254.7 (87.3) 212.5 (54.6) <0.001 0.41
Sensitivity to reward
 AV (Balloon Analogue Risk Task)a 24.9 (11.1) 30.0 (13.1) <0.002 0.44
  1. Data are mean (SD), SD standard deviation, SSRT stop signal reaction time, SSRT is measured in ms, AV adjusted value defined as the average number of pumps excluding balloons that exploded
  2. *Paired sample t-test
  3. a In the group with complete data, at T0 scores on the SSRT were not available for three participants and scores on the AV were not available for two of them