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Table 4 Adipocyte area and diameter in different adipose tissue depots

From: The effects of dietary macronutrient composition on lipid metabolism-associated factor gene expression in the adipose tissue of chickens are influenced by fasting and refeeding

Effect1 Area (μm) Diameter (μm)
 HC 368.5 20.3b
 HF 442.4 22.4a
 HP 361.4 20.3b
 SEM 25.1 0.6
P-value 0.056 0.02
 Subcutaneous 526.0a 24.6a
 Clavicular 419.1b 22.0b
 Abdominal 227.1c 16.4c
 SEM 25.1 0.6
P-value 0.0001 0.0001
 D × D 0.96 0.97
  1. 1Main effects of diet (high-carbohydrate: HC; high-fat: HF; and high-protein: HP), adipose tissue depot (subcutaneous, clavicular and abdominal), and the interaction between diet (D) and depot (D) on adipocyte area and diameter. Images were analyzed using NIS-Elements Advanced Research Software (Nikon). The density, diameter, and area of all adipocytes within the field of an image were measured. Adipocytes were treated as binary objects with the restriction that measurements must exceed 100 μm2. Values represent least squares means and pooled standard errors of the means with associated P-values for each effect (HC: n = 7; HF: n = 6; HP: n = 7). Different superscipts within an effect are significantly different at P < 0.05, Tukey’s test