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Table 4 The Psychosocial impact of living with RA and obesity

From: Recipients’ and providers’ perspectives of obesity and potential barriers to weight management programmes in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): a qualitative study

“There was a time, I really felt I’d given up now. I tried everything [to lose weight], I’ve done the gym part. You can’t lose it (weight) and things. You know, you’re limited because of what you’ve got [pain/fatigue/unpredictable symptoms] and your illness [RA]. You feel helpless”. (P8)
“Because sometimes I’m on the cross-trainer and I’m in so much pain I want to come off but I’m trying to say to myself “I mustn’t give up, I must keep going.” (P5)
“So I’m swimming now. I feel great now”. (P9)
“And in case of arthritis, sometimes it’s so frustrating you don’t even see yourself eating. Because you sit in one place, you can’t get up, you grab it and eat it [food]. You don’t realise you putting on the weight”. (P6)
“You might think other people are looking at you. You’re that size. But within yourself, you just keep quiet and suffer”. (P8)