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Table 5 Challenges of living with RA and obesity

From: Recipients’ and providers’ perspectives of obesity and potential barriers to weight management programmes in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): a qualitative study

“And you never know when it’s going to affect you. Aches and pains. You can feel great one day and some days you wake up and think “This is a good day”. The next day you think, “What did I do yesterday? I wasn’t actually that much more active, but certainly my ankle is hurting”. (P11)
“I love exercise but I’d be able to exercise and stuff, but I have to watch what I do because I get so tired. And so much pain, and the weight just will not come off”. (P3)
“Both of them go together because...if it’s not because of the medication, you are eating too much. But because of the medication, especially the one I’m taking, Methotrexate, at first I feel sick. Then I don’t even see myself eat. I really eat”. (P6)
“They’re [clinicians] on auto-pilot. They’re stressed! And not everyone is going to understand [their stress] like I understand. But they’re stressed, they’re overworked, they’re under pressure”. (P9)
“Also with rheumatoid, it’s the mind-set and sometimes your tiredness doesn’t make you want to get up and do things. I mean, I always do because my motivation is I like my work, I get out and do it. I want to get on. I’m self-employed, so I need to work. And that’s helped actually”. (P11)