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Table 4 Change in BMI among children by baseline quartiles of BMI z-score in two Caribbean countries, St. Kitts and Nevis and Trinidad and Tobago (n = 336)

From: Rapid increase of overweight and obesity among primary school-aged children in the Caribbean; high initial BMI is the most significant predictor

  1st quartile 2nd quartile 3rd quartile 4th quartile p
Number of children 83 85 85 83 <0.001
Change in BMI (adjusted*) 0.68±1.3a 1.1±1.1b 1.2±1.5c 2.5±1.6d
  1. Numbers are means ± standard deviations
  2. *Adjustment for age was done by subtracting the sex–age-specific median BMI
  3. a, b, c, ddifferent superscripts indicate statistically different means