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Table 1 Participant characteristics stratified by BMI group and fitness

From: Association between cardiorespiratory fitness and metabolic risk factors in a population with mild to severe obesity

  Mild Obesity Moderate Obesity Severe Obesity
Fit Unfit Fit Unfit Fit Unfit
N 107 151 60 181 38 316
Age (y) 51.0(10.5)bce 54.8(11.0)acef 43.9(11.2)abdf 53.5(11.9)cef 44.0(11.9)abdf 48.5(11.4)b-e
Sex (%female) 80.4 75.5 90.0 77.9 86.8 75.0
BMI (kg/m2) 32.2(1.6)b-f 32.5(2.0)c-f 37.2(1.5)abef 37.4(1.4)abef 43.7(3.2)a-d,f 47.4(6.6)a-e
VO2max (ml/kg/min) 36.6(4.1)bdf 21.6(6.1)ace 35.6(1.7)bdf 20.5(6.1)ace 35.6(3.1)bdf 20.4(6.2)a-c,e
Glucose (mM) 5.7(1.4)f 5.8(1.3)f 5.7(1.4)f 6.0(1.3)f 5.8(1.1)f 6.3(1.9)a-e
HDL (mM) 1.3(0.4)cdf 1.4(0.4)cdf 1.2(0.3)ab 1.2(0.3)ab 1.3(0.3) 1.2(0.3)ab
Triglycerides (mM) 1.4(0.9)df 1.5(0.9)f 1.4(0.9)f 1.7(0.8)a 1.5(0.9) 1.8(1.0)a-c
SBP (mmHg) 125(12)df 128(14)af 125(13)df 131(13)a,c,f 128(12)f 135(14)a-e
DBP (mmHg) 78(7)df 79(8)f 78(7)df 80(10)acf 81(10)f 83(9)a-e
T2D Med (%) 12.1df 18.5 18.3 23.2a 18.4 25.9ae
BP Med (%) 31.8d,f 40.4d,f 28.3d,f 55.8a-c,e 23.7d,f 55.1a-c,e
Lipid Med (%) 30.8 37.1c 21.7bdf 40.9c,e 21.1df 37.7c,e
  1. Mild Obesity (BMI: 30–34.9 kg/m2); Moderate obesity (BMI: 35–39.9 kg/m2); Severe obesity (BMI: ≥ 40 kg/m2). Fit: top 80th percentile for age and sex categories
  2. BMI body mass index, VO 2max maximal oxygen consumption, HDL high density lipoprotein, SBP systolic blood pressure, DBP diastolic blood pressure, T2D type 2 diabetes
  3. aSignificantly different compared to fit-mild obesity (P < 0.05)
  4. bSignificantly different compared to unfit-mild obesity (P < 0.05)
  5. cSignificantly different compared to fit-moderate obesity (P < 0.05)
  6. dSignificantly different compared to unfit-moderate obesity (P < 0.05)
  7. eSignificantly different compared to fit-severe obesity (P < 0.05)
  8. fSignificantly different compared to unfit-severe obesity (P < 0.05)