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Table 1 Distribution of Willingness to Participate in Four Types of Weight-Related Research (N = 11,624)

From: Willingness to participate in weight-related research as reported by patients in PCORnet clinical data research networks

INSTRUCTIONS: We would like to know how much interest you would have if someone asked you to participate in different kinds of research projects. Pick your level of interest… Not Interested Somewhat Interested Very Interested
A study about weight control that focuses on working on your diet or how active you are 17.8% 39.1% 43.1%
A study that uses medicines to help control weight 47.9% 26.8% 25.4%
A study about weight control that tries to understand the genetics of obesity and would require a blood sample from you 28.7% 34.8% 36.5%
A study about weight control that requires surgery 77.4% 13.6% 9.0%