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Table 2 Indirect, Direct, and Total Effects of Weight Stigma on Physical Activity, Bootstrapping Results

From: Avoiding exercise mediates the effects of internalized and experienced weight stigma on physical activity in the years following bariatric surgery

  Coefficient S.E. Bias-corrected 99% C.I.
Experienced weight stigma (SSI)
 Indirect effect 0.008 0.007 [0.001; 0.030]
 Direct effect 0.015 0.016 [−0.011; 0.053]
 Total effect 0.023 0.015 [0.000; 0.058]
Internalized weight stigma (WBIS)
 Indirect effect 0.066 0.039 [0.013; 0.190]
 Direct effect 0.037 0.126 [−0.185; 0.325]
 Total effect 0.102 0.122 [−0.091; 0.393]
  1. N = 298 and the number of completed replications = 4856 (out of 5000 requested); bold if the result is significant at the p-value 0.05 level; CI stands for confidence intervals, SE stands for standard errors; covariates, such as current BMI, weight loss, time since surgery, gender, age, education, and household income, are controlled for in the model, but omitted; the developers of Mplus recommend reporting non-significance when either the lower bound or the upper bound of the C.I. is reported as 0.000