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Table 1 CAMWEL weight loss programme sessions

From: Treatment fidelity in the Camden Weight Loss (CAMWEL) intervention assessed from recordings of advisor-participant consultations

Session Week Topic Content
Pre-intervention: baseline measurements by researchers
 1 0 Getting started Eliciting personal reasons for losing weight, commitment to programme
 2 2 Changing habits Importance of changing habits permanently
 3 4 Healthy eating Regular meals, portion sizes, easy food swaps
 4 6 Let’s get active Incorporating physical activity into daily lifestyle
 5 8 Taking charge of your environment Acting on environmental cues
 6 10 Eating when out and about Making healthy choices, discuss alcohol if appropriate
 7 12 Tip the calorie balance Energy balance equation, and action planning
 8 15 Positive thinking Ways to stop negative thoughts
 9 18 Getting off the slippery slope Slips, and getting back on course
 10 21 Social eating Difficult social settings and how to control eating
6 month measurements by researchers
 11 27 Staying on course Identify successes, and how to stay on course
 12 31 Staying active Additional physical activity to be added to the routine
 13 35 Managing stress How stress can affect weight, how to overcome
 14 47 Reshaping habits Review progress, how to continue in long term
12 month measurements by researchers