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Table 2 Example treatment fidelity checklist: session 9

From: Treatment fidelity in the Camden Weight Loss (CAMWEL) intervention assessed from recordings of advisor-participant consultations

Item Topic
1. Reviewing overall progress
 1 Previously set goals or intentions are reviewed
 2 Feedback on performance is given
 3 General encouragement is given
2. Reviewing previous topic and handouts
 4 Positive Thinking handout is reviewed
  The following questions are taken into consideration when reviewing the Positive Thinking handout
 5  • What negative thoughts did you catch yourself thinking?
 6  • When was this (in what situation)?
 7  • Were you able to stop them?
 8  • Did you talk back with positive thoughts?
 9  • How did positive thinking help with eating a healthy diet?
 10  • What about changes to your activity habits?
 11  • Did you manage to go for a 30-min walk every day?
 12 Any barriers are uncovered
  Usefulness of the other handouts is reviewed:
 13  • CAMWEL walks handout
 14  • Steps/Walks Chart handout
 15  • Rate Your Plate handout
3. Reviewing pedometer counts and physical activity
 16 Pedometer counts are recorded
 17 Participants are asked if they wore the pedometers every day
 18 (a) If the participant did not wear the pedometer every day, they are asked what got in the way OR
(b) If the participant did wear the pedometer every day, they are praised
 19 Efforts made by the participant are appreciated
 20 Advisor is positive and non-judgmental; good things are noticed
4. Taking weight and waist measurements
 21 Waist circumference is measured
 22 Weight is measured
5. Reviewing weight change
 23 (a) If participant has lost weight they are congratulated OR
(b) If the participant has not lost weight they are helped to develop a plan to address their particular problem
6. Presenting new topic – Avoiding The Slippery Slope of Changing Habits for Life
 24 ‘Slips’ are defined in a manner that is relevant to the participant
 25 Advisor discusses what to do after a ‘slip’ to get the participant back on their feet again
 26 Advisor helps to identify some things or situations when the participant ‘slips’ from healthy eating and being active
7. Setting goals, making action plans and assigning home activities
 27 Participant is encouraged to continue to get back on track
  The following leaflets are given:
 28  • Camden Change4Health Walks
 29  • Recipe book (British Heart Foundation ‘Healthy Meals, Healthy Hearts’ or ‘Food Should be Fun… And Healthy’)
 30 Participant is reminded to continue to wear their pedometer and record their steps
8. Confirming date of next appointment
 31 The appointment for the next session is confirmed