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Table 3 ADI scores and associations with IBS and IBSSS with comparisons between the groups

From: Separating “good” from “bad” faecal dysbiosis – evidence from two cross-sectional studies

Variables ADI ADI Statistics
  Test group Validation group p-value
  (IBS no/yes: no 63/25) (IBS yes: 63)  
IBS (no / yes) −0.41 (2.75) / −1.64 (2.77) (p = 0.11)Ϯ −1.68 (2.26)Ϯ 0.013*
IBSSS rho = −0.304 (p = 0.004) rho = −0.249 (p = 0.049) 0.86 #
  1. ADI Alternative Dysbiosis Index, IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBSSS Irritable Bowel Severity Score System
  2. *One-Way ANOVA with comparisons between the three groups
  3. Ϯ Post hoc comparisons (Tukey) between the validation group and subjects with and without IBS in the test group were p = 1.00 and 0.016 respectively
  4. # Univariate analysis of variance with ADI as the dependent variable and IBSSS and group as independent variables. The p-value is the interaction between IBSSS and group and indicates no significant difference between the correlations