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Table 3 Focus Group Semi-Structured Interview Guide

From: Understanding the psychosocial impact of weight loss following bariatric surgery: a qualitative study

Life Changes Since Surgery
• How have things changed for the better in your life and since you had bariatric surgery? What things have changed for the worse?
• What were some of the surprises? What changes occurred in your life which were unexpected?
• Just focusing on your health, what effects has bariatric surgery had on your health?
• How about your social life and relationships, what specific effects did the surgery have in this area?
• How about any lifestyle changes, your activities, interests, etc., how has the surgery changed this aspect of your life?
• Thinking about your emotions and personality and the way you feel, how has the surgery affected this part of your life?
• Probe any other psychological related changes Overall what would you say are some of the things you struggle with the most since your surgery?