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Table 1 Illustrative quotes from positive deviants related to parent-described goals

From: Developing a patient-centered outcome for targeting early childhood obesity across multiple stakeholders

Body shape: You could just see it with him. I was making him a bath. His muscles are coming up.
Body weight: Since we have scale in my bedroom and it’s available at any time, before we get in the shower we weigh ourselves.
Clothing size: I would try to, at least, get her down a size or 2 in her clothes. She’s been maintaining for about a year already because she’s in 7/8 s right now. A year ago she was in this size and they were fitting her snug so I’m glad about that.
Improved activity: Before, he was real slow. Now, he’s starting to get more active and a little bit more faster and a little bit more encouraged to do what the other kids are doing.
Decreased bullying: They used to make fun of him, criticize him because he couldn’t run. He didn’t like it. I try to prevent it now because I’m like, That’s an ugly feeling. “I wouldn’t want my kids to go through that again.”
Happiness: “I think being happy and having structure”