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Table 2 Self-reported challenges, strain and additional diagnoses (number of participants in brackets)

From: Healthy Life Centre participants’ perceptions of living with overweight or obesity and seeking help for a perceived “wrong” lifestyle - a qualitative interview study

One or several of somatic diagnosis: type 2 diabetes (3), cardiovascular disease (CVD) (4), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (2), celiac disease (1), multi sclerosis (MS) (1), sleep apnoea (1), various chronic pain conditions (8), fibromyalgia (3), cancer (2)
One or several of psychosocial strains and challenges: anxiety (3), depression (4), loss and grief (1), identity reactions (12), eating disorders (2), suicidal thoughts (2), alcohol abuse (1), isolation (6), financial difficulties (2)