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Table 3 Overview of the main theme, themes, sub-themes and categories

From: Healthy Life Centre participants’ perceptions of living with overweight or obesity and seeking help for a perceived “wrong” lifestyle - a qualitative interview study

Main theme: Searching for dignity
Theme Sub-Theme Category
Needing to justify avoidance of personal responsibility Strain and challenges as barriers to change Grief, loss and identity reactions
Strain and life challenges
Stuck in old habits and deferral
A constant struggle and negotiation between healthy living and pleasure Knowledge of healthy living
Recognition of health risk and consequences
Lack of willpower and relapses
Expression of personal responsibility
Feelings of shame, guilt or discouragement affect weight management Negative feelings related to body image, self-esteem and confidence
Feeling bad about not adhering to the diet or activity plan
Lack of management in daily life
A desire to change Health challenges and the need for improved self-respect trigger change Personal goals to improve health, fitness, weight loss and better management of everyday life
Health challenges, illness and risks
Pride in self-management Taking the initiative to change and asking for help
Maintaining new habits and exhibiting willpower
Hope, self-efficacy and meaningfulness increase motivation Hope and self-belief
Meaningfulness in life