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Table 1 OSCE Assessment Domains and Items

From: Associations between medical students’ beliefs about obesity and clinical counseling proficiency

OSCE Skills Skill parameters Cronbach’s alpha
Communication skills: Information gathering Used appropriate questions 0.664
Managed the narrative flow
Allowed you to talk without interrupting
Clarified information by repeating to make sure you understood on an ongoing basis
Communicated concern or intention to help
Communication skills: Relationship building Non verbal behavior enriched communication (eye contact, posture) 0.657
Acknowledged your emotions/feelings appropriately
Was accepting (nonjudgmental)
Used words patient understood and/or explained jargon.
5As counseling strategy Note: “Arrange” parameter was not assessed in this OSCE. Assessed how much weight you wanted to lose and discussed how much you should lose. 0.638
Assessed motivation and/or importance to make changes to lose weight.
Assessed confidence in ability to make changes to lose weight.
Allowed patient to explain reasons for current dietary choices and/or what dietary changes she would be willing to make
Assessed physical activity (dancing, walking) and interest in increasing physical activity
Discussed possible specific diet, exercise, self-monitoring goals
Enlisted me in prioritizing a few specific goals (collaborative goal-setting)
Explored barriers or obstacles to achieving goals
Patient activation How much did this visit help me understand the nature of my problem/health condition 0.777
How much did this visit make you want to change your behavior (engage in the recommended behavior)?
How much did this visit make you feel that you would be able to make the recommended changes/take recommended actions?
Overall reccomendation Overall, how would you rate this medical student’s professionalism? 0.669
Would you recommend this medical student to a friend or family member for his/her overall communication skills?
Total OSCE score Sum of scores from all parameters n/a
  1. Each domain was evaluated as a family of items and measured for internal consistency