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Call for papers: Exercise as medicine for metabolic dysfunction and obesity: eschewing generalities by defining specifics

We are pleased to announce that BMC Obesity, BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation, BMC Endocrine Disorders, and Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome are accepting submissions for a new cross-journal article collection entitled, "Exercise as medicine for metabolic dysfunction and obesity: eschewing generalities by defining specifics."

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Aims and scope

BMC Obesity is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of human obesity across the lifecourse. These include the prevention, causes, treatment, management, and implications of obesity, incorporating lifestyle, epidemiology, policy and community/environmental interventions, related approaches for weight loss and the prevention of weight gain, management of the condition including the use of drugs and surgery, and basic science relating to the causes and effects of obesity. Research from developing country contexts is encouraged. 


James Mockridge, BioMed Central

Section Editors

  • Adrian Cameron, Deakin University
  • Philip McTernan, University of Warwick
  • Anna Peeters, Deakin University
  • Tommy Visscher, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Zwolle

Adrian Cameron, Section Editor

Dr Adrian Cameron is a Senior Research Fellow from the Global Obesity Centre at Deakin University, Australia. Adrian joined BMC Obesity as a Section Editor in 2015.

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Authors submitting to this journal can opt to use a new service that will make it easier to share research data.

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