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Table 2 Parents’ perceptions of appropriate responses to unhealthy food advertising

From: A conceptual classification of parents’ attributions of the role of food advertising in children’s diets

High locus of control
Advertising as negative Quadrant 1: Parents need to exert control (35%) Quadrant 2: Everything is okay (13%) Advertising as neutral
- Watch commercial-free TV channels - Everything in moderation
- Change channels during ad breaks - Unhealthy foods used for treating
- Just say no - Physical activity can counteract unhealthy food consumption
- Avoid using food as a reward  
- Model healthy eating behaviors  
- Teach children to understand the purpose of advertising  
Profile: Normal weight parents with lower levels of television viewing Profile: Females of normal weight with one child
Quadrant 4: Something should be done (43%) Quadrant 3: Ambivalence (9%)
- Ban advertisements - More advertisements for healthy foods
- Control content of advertisements - Better advertisements for healthy foods
- Control timing of advertisements - The power of peers
Profile: Overweight or obese parents who are heavy television viewers Profile: Overweight parents with lower education levels and 2+ children
Low locus of control