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Table 1 ESENCIAL Para Vivir pilot intervention content and delivery methods

From: Development of a theory-based, peer support intervention to promote weight loss among Latina immigrants

Session Focus Content Delivery methods
1 Diabetes Risk & Prevention ▪ Diabetes Risk and Prevention DVD
▪ Personal Values & Your Health Activity
▪ Group Exercise DVD
▪ My Action Plan – Small Goals Towards Health Homework
2 Barriers to Healthy Living (Individual) ▪ Barriers to Physical Activity & Healthy Eating Assessment
▪ Setting Goals Activity
3 Bases for Healthy Eating I ▪ The Food Pyramid: A guide to a healthier life DVD
▪ The Food Pyramid Group Activity
▪ A Rainbow on Our Plate DVD
▪ A Rainbow on Your Plate Activity
▪ Group Exercise DVD
▪ Get more colors on your plate Homework
4 Bases for Healthy Eating II ▪ My Plate: Choosing how much to eat Activity
▪ Food Labels: A guide to eating healthier DVD
▪ Food Labels: Identify Key Elements Activity
▪ Jose & Julia: What is healthy? DVD
▪ Group Exercise DVD
▪ Practice reading food labels Homework
5 Shopping for your Health (Grocery Store) ▪ Making Healthier Choices: Food label comparisons Activity
▪ Choosing Healthier Snacks: Is my snack healthy? Activity
Treasure Hunt Activity
6 Ways to Cook Healthier for Life ▪ Cooking with Julia DVD
▪ How to make a healthier snack Activity
▪ Buying Leaner Meats Card/Discussion
▪ Healthier ways to season foods Card/Discussion
7 Stress Management (Individual)   Activity
▪ What stresses you? Discussion
▪ Ways to avoid/minimize stressful situations  
▪ Relaxation Techniques Activity
How to recognize depression Card/Discussion
8 Healthy Living for Life ▪ Bases for Healthy Eating (Food Pyramid & Reading Labels) Review
▪ Cooking Healthy for Life: Techniques Review
▪ Incorporating Physical Activity into Daily Life Review
▪ Diabetes Risk & Prevention Review
▪ Julia & Jose: Healthy habits for life DVD