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Table 2 Intervention content and activities related to three psychological needs

From: Development of a theory-based, peer support intervention to promote weight loss among Latina immigrants

Psychological needs underlying autonomous motivation Intervention content Peer support strategies
Autonomy ▪ Personalized feedback on current dietary practices and physical activity patterns Promotora reinforces education & knowledge, including importance of diet, physical activity, and self-monitoring
Feeling volitional, feeling choice and responsibility for one's behavior
▪ Identification of personal and family values, motivators Promotora assists with personal goal setting using principles of Motivational Interviewing
▪ Individualized goal setting
Perceived Competence Self-monitoring Promotora reviews goal setting and help participants practice setting SMART goals
Feeling that one can accomplish selected behaviors and reach goals
▪ Activities to practice problem solving Dietary and physical activity diaries
▪ Hands-on-learning and activities to practice newly learned skills, such as menu planning and reading labels Promotora facilitates group discussion of barriers and problem solving skills
▪ Homework activities to reinforce skills learned in class Promotora provides ongoing emotional support and encouragement
Relatedness to Others ▪ Encourages family discussion of shared values and health related goals Discuss strategies to identify and reach out to one’s support network
The need to feel understood, cared for and valued by significant others
Incorporates traditional foods and cultural practices identified through participatory development process Teach and practice stress management skills
Buddy system for support and accountability
▪ Peer Leader provides ongoing emotional support and encouragement Group support for problem solving and physical activity
Promotora led monthly support groups
  1. Psychological needs derived from Self-Determination Theory [21].
  2. SMART = Sustainable, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.