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Table 1 Results for studies included in qualitative and quantitative analysis

From: Obesity and the receipt of influenza and pneumococcal vaccination: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author (year) Year Outcome Measure Study Size Risk Adjustment Covariates Overall Rate of Vaccination NIH NHLIBI Quality Rating
Banerjea et al. [24] 2008 Influenza vaccination in last year 4299 Age, race/ethnicity, marital status, education, employment, income, access to health care, contact with healthcare system, medical conditions, health status, comorbid chronic conditions, mental illness 55.6 % Good
Chang et al. [20] 2010 Influenza vaccination in last year; Pneumo-coccal vaccination ever Influenza: 33071 (Medicare), 28337 (VA), Pneumo-coccal: 32266 (Medicare), 28337 (VA) Age, sex, race/ethnicity, marital status, education, income, self-rated health, quartile of clinical complexity, quartile of visit frequency, year of receipt, age squared term, interaction between weight and sex, weight and race Influenza: 65.7 %; Pneumo-coccal: 49.5 % Good
Hoeck et al. [25] 2014 Influenza vaccination in past year; Pneumo-coccal vaccination within last 5 years 4544 Age, gender, highest level of education, living situation, region, self-assessed health, longstanding health issues, household income, risk factors, health status Influenza: 63.1 %; Pneumo-coccal: 13.4 % Fair
Leon-Munoz et al. [26] 2005 Influenza vaccination in last 1 year 2919 Age, educational level, size of place of residence, tobacco, alcohol 62.8 % Fair
Littman et al. [30] 2011 Influenza vaccination in past year; Pneumo-coccal vaccination ever Influenza: 537138, Pneumo-coccal: 411039 Age, education, race/ethnicity, self-reported personal doctor, healthcare coverage, time since last routine checkup Influenza: 51.1 %; Pneumo-coccal: 41.0 % Fair
Ostbye et al. [31] 2005 Influenza vaccination in the last 2 years 10588 Age, gender, race, education, birth country, marital status, household income, insurance, smoking, exercise, self-reported health, diabetes, heart disease, cognitive impairment, hospitalization in last year, number of outpatient visits, survey wave 72.2 % Good
Peytremann-Bridevaux et al. [27] 2007 Influenza vaccination in last year 13859 Age, gender, marital status, years of education, purchasing power parity-household income adjusted for size of household, smoking status, excessive alcohol consumption, country of residence, diagnosis of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, reported number of ambulatory visits 50.9 % Good
Stehr-Green et al. [33] 1990 Influenza vaccination in last year 9799 Gender, race, education, income, employment outside home, seat belt use, smoking, smokeless tobacco, alcohol use, drinking and driving, sedentary lifestyle, medical exam in last year, hypertension, ever had mammogram 32 % Fair
Yancy et al. [32] 2010 Influenza vaccination 4 out of 5 most recent years, at least 8 mo apart for 65+ or high risk; Pneumo-coccal vaccination once for 65 years old or older or high-risk under 65 year olds 1058599 Age, gender, race/ethnicity, marital status, outside insurance, healthcare eligibility, geographic region, primary care provider provider, health status (algorithm for Charlson comorbidity score) Influenza: 21.1 %; Pneumo-coccal: 32.8 % Fair
  1. BMI Body Mass Index, VA Veterans Administration