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Table 2 Major themes with examples of representative quotes

From: No sweat: African American adolescent girls’ opinions of hairstyle choices and physical activity

Themes Sample quotes
1) A preference for longer straighter styles rather than natural styles Interviewer: “So… the most attractive – which one would you choose?”
Georgia Participant 3: “Either [E] or [T].”
Georgia Participant 4: “I like [S] or [O]”
Georgia Participant 5: “I think it depends on the person. Like I like long hair.”
2) A change occurred for most from juvenile to adult styles that typically meant changing from natural to straightened styles Interviewer: “So is there any association with hairstyles and age?”
Michigan Participant 5: “Yes. When you’re like 5 your hair is like this…(motioning both hands on top of her head, making little pony tail-type look)… But when you’re 14 your hair looks like that (pointing to the rest of the girls with straightened hair – while several participants nod in agreement).”
3) The negative effect of sweating on straightened hair Interviewer: “What happens to your hair when you exercise?”
Georgia participant 1: “You sweat it out”
Georgia participant 2: “It puffs up and it’s not cute anymore.”
Georgia participant 4: “Especially if you wear your regular hair”
California participant 1: “It gets wild. It gets nappy.”
4) Benefits of natural hair and braids in regard to exercise Interviewer: “What styles allow you to exercise without problems?”
California Participant 3: “Braids.”
Interviewer: “Why haven’t you had braids since middle school?”
California Participant 5: “It’s ugly.”
California Participant 6: “It just doesn’t feel right anymore. You’re so used to the new hairstyles.”
California Participant 7: “Yeah, like your hair always being down.”