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Table 1 Interview guide for positive deviant counties

From: Community factors related to healthy eating & active living in counties with lower than expected adult obesity rates

1 Let us start by having you describe what you do here. Would you tell us about your role related to promoting healthy living within the county/community?
2 Are residents or community leaders within your county concerned about obesity?
3 What particular strategies or initiatives of any kind are there that your county is implementing to prevent or reduce obesity rates (in children and/or adults)?
4 How does location/geography influence lifestyles in your county?
5 How would you describe the natural resources in particular?
6 What other types of resources are available in your county that you think affect obesity rates?
7 How would you describe the availability of the resources in the county?
8 How does your organization mobilize the resources, natural or other? How do you get the message out to the community that these resources are available?
9 How do you measure or report how many citizens within the county use the resources?
10 How do residents respond to and engage with these resources? Do they simply follow the programs, give active suggestions, inquire about ways they can help, go off to start their own initiatives etc.?
11 Are there activities you think are particularly effective at preventing or reducing obesity rates?
12 In terms of the programs/initiative that your organization is involved with what challenges have you faced in implementing them?
13 What elements (strategies/initiatives) has your organization implemented that proved to be the most successful over time? Are there any particular factors that you think influenced their sustainability?
14 Is there anything we haven’t discussed in terms of how your county is addressing the obesity epidemic that you think might be useful for us to know?