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Table 6 Considerations for future weight management programmes

From: Recipients’ and providers’ perspectives of obesity and potential barriers to weight management programmes in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): a qualitative study

“No it [the programme] wouldn’t be just about the weight. It would be about how they’re feeling, how their bodies feel, how they’re [the patients] coping and stuff like that”. (P5)
“Why not? It is a world of IT, so why not? I mean people are capable of using such things, if they’ve got the means. Why not?” (P8)
“I think that meeting other patients with RA with similar problems is a really great motivator. That’s what I find, you know, helps me. It’s when you have other people to motivate you along and who also know the struggles of the condition”. (P3)
“Coming back to that thing [trying to lose weight with RA] of you know, you’re not feeling great, and you just think “God, if you had to get up and exercise.” and someone says, “You’re in this group, you’ve got to get there every day.” It would probably do my head in”. (P11)
“I think this is a good thing [developing a weight management intervention for those with RA]. But it’s bigger than that. I think it requires everyone to put their hands in, not just XX Hospital or the NHS. It requires us to put this to the government and say, “Well, what are you going to do [about obesity as a public health issue]?” (P9)